Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back again

It doesn't seem like a month has passed since I last posted but it has.  I have been busy with so many things.  I decided to redecorate my bedroom. This is a project that consumed a big chunk of time.  The room was wall papered when I bought the house several years ago and dreading the task I have let it be.  Well, I have added a few new curse words to my vocabulary but after several weeks the paper is gone.   I finally had to buy a wall paper steamer.  That by no means made the job easy but it did make it possible.  Later my husband told me that when I stripped off a large piece and tossed it behind me it struck him in the head and being covered with glue it stuck there.  He peeled it off and decided not to mention it at that time based on my mood.  He did step into the room briefly to help me and was prone to cursing and throwing paper strips as well.  He peeled off a large piece and threw it into the fan and then other large piece which attached itself to my foot.   Large pieces were good no matter where they landed.
The painting went well until my cat, Lily decided to help.  She dragged her fluffy tail through the paint.  I had no paint on me until that point.  I jumped up and grabbed her to prevent a large wet paint brush from running through my house. She wouldn't let me wipe it off so I feed her hoping that she would stay in one place until it dried.
There are more stories like wrong pieces of furniture being delivered, sleeping on the floor for two weeks and decorative rods not being long enough but all is well that ends well.
The room is done!  The walls are painted a color called Sea Salt - a light blue/gray , the new furniture has been delivered, the new curtains are up and the new carpet went in yesterday.  I would post a picture but I am too tired to get out the camera.