Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ice Cream Bear

This little guy loves ice cream -  so much so that he dives right into the dish.  You are what you eat and Scoop has turned into an ice cream bear.  He has vanilla, strawberry and chocolate colored mohair fur just like his favorite flavor of ice cream.   Scoop is 5 inches tall and is string jointed.  He is holding an antique baby spoon.  The ice cream dish and spoon come with him so he can continue to enjoy his favorite treat.  Scoop is available for $35 plus shipping.  Please email me if you are interesting in adopting him. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Summer Weekend

This was a beautiful summer weekend .  The weather was perfect and life slowed down so I could savor every bit of it.  I had a chance to dye some mohair and start a new bear and work in my garden for a while on Saturday. Saturday night my husband and I met a couple of dear friends for dinner. We had dinner at Smuggler's Notch Inn. It is busy during ski season but slows down this time of year.  We had a leisurely meal outside and talked for hours.
Sunday was a lazy day.  I spent some time in the garden and then my husband and I decided to get in the car and travel through the country side and see what the day would bring. We  stopped at a flea market.  It is amazing what you can find at one of these.  I bought some vintage Jeff Gordon collectibles. (I'm a big NASCAR fan and Jeff is my favorite)  
I finally got to snap a picture of the rabbit that lives in my backyard.  Here is his picture along with some pictures of my flowers that I took when I went outside to water tonight.