Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Summer Weekend

This was a beautiful summer weekend .  The weather was perfect and life slowed down so I could savor every bit of it.  I had a chance to dye some mohair and start a new bear and work in my garden for a while on Saturday. Saturday night my husband and I met a couple of dear friends for dinner. We had dinner at Smuggler's Notch Inn. It is busy during ski season but slows down this time of year.  We had a leisurely meal outside and talked for hours.
Sunday was a lazy day.  I spent some time in the garden and then my husband and I decided to get in the car and travel through the country side and see what the day would bring. We  stopped at a flea market.  It is amazing what you can find at one of these.  I bought some vintage Jeff Gordon collectibles. (I'm a big NASCAR fan and Jeff is my favorite)  
I finally got to snap a picture of the rabbit that lives in my backyard.  Here is his picture along with some pictures of my flowers that I took when I went outside to water tonight. 



  1. Just beautiful, that rose is glorious.

  2. Didn't I tell you I hated people who could grow Clematis'??! And here you are with pictures..sigh..they are beautiful. (she says jealously :{ !!) love ya!

  3. Thank you Denise. Roses are my favorite.

    Deb -I posted that picture just for you. I knew you would enjoy it. :-)